19 March 2012

Funday Monday: Announcement

I just want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, words, and prayers over the last several days. While I am no stranger to headaches and migraines, I have been taken off guard by the intensity and longevity of this latest  problem, and also that my normal remedies have proven ineffectual. This is how it goes, though, so I keep plugging away, working towards both treating the symptoms and the cause.

So, now, on to the fun stuff.
Photo courtesy of Vixen Vintage

Control the Chaos has been around for a while. It started off a little rocky and rambling, not sure where it was headed. It pains me to read some of those early posts. But, I found my footing and saw my niche, my passion:

Simplify. Be real. Be natural. Have fun.

Enjoy. Every. Moment. 

And I have. And I do. And yes, it's fun. But it's time to grow up. Just a little. Add another dimension to this life. I've pondered these thoughts for a while. And then I shared them with a dear friend. A friend who happens to have a mantra of her own that fits quite well with mine.

Changes are a-coming. Big changes. A much needed and highly anticipated renovation.

I'm moving out and moving up.

And getting a bloggy roommate.

Control the Chaos and A Drop in the Bucket are becoming

Intend to Live

Our new site will launch April 1, 2012. It will include my crazy, wacky ideas on natural living, real food, and simple fun. And Jenny will be around to add her own two cents on motherhood, living in the moment, and her own natural living journey. Plus she is a great photographer, so hopefully some of that will rub off on me.

Don't worry, I'll still be my crunchy crazy self. Now I'll have an audience. More details to come!

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