16 March 2012

Five Minute Friday: Brave

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Those seeds that poke out of the ground when it is warm have no idea what kind of life they will lead. The infant in your arms trusts you explicitly, blissfully unaware of the potential dangers lurking near and far. What they do, while impressive, is merely instinct.
We have it much worse. We can see the possible outcomes, or at least anticipate the myriad of unknowns. We know that others are put off by our tentativeness, our hesitancy. And yet we linger. We have so much weight to carry, so much riding on our decisions.

But it must be done. Despite the consequences, decisions must be made. Steps must be taken. Work must be started and completed.

And so, like the seeds poking out of the ground but with much more on our shoulders, we hike up our pants and jump in.

And that is bravery.


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  1. I like the very physical description of "hiking up our pants." Lovely word pictures, today. :)